How to buy on Shopandmall

Welcome to shopandmall. We appreciate that you could make out time to visit our site. You will be able to buy from thousands of categories safe and securely.

Below are the processes you need to follow to start buying on Shopandmall

Register online

While it will be great to register on Shopandmall, you can buy your products without registering. Registration will provide you with login details that will enable you create an online account with us. This will allow you log in for future transactions.

You can buy on Shopandmall without registration.

Find and locate what you want to buy

With several categories and thousands of products, our site has an unlimited array of products. Use the search tool to locate what you want to buy on the site.

Understand your product and the buying format

Products can be listed as buy now where you can pay for it, as an auction item where you will need to place bids and also as a store item. You need to understand the listing format. With an auction listing you will need to bid for the product and only the highest bidder carries the day. Most products come with the buy now option that enables you to buy them immediately.

Choose your payment method

Our site offers you several possible payment methods, including mobile payment. Choose which it the most convenient for you and the seller. Make payment. You will be taken away from the site briefly. After payment is made you will be brought back to the site.

After payment

After payment is made for the product, communicate with the seller and let him know that you have made payment if he has not received the notification already. You will receive confirmation of payment, while the seller will also receive product details.

Shipping and tracking

We strongly suggest that you use a method of shipping that affords you the opportunity to track your product. Inform the seller about this. The seller will forward you tracking details. Track your product and in a few days, you should receive your item by courier.

Leave feedback

After you have received your product you should leave feedback about your experience with the seller.

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